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A while ago, Gerry Huntman asked me to submit a story for the Australiana edition of SQ Magazine. I wrote “Eleanor Atkins is Dead and Her House is Boarded Up” as part of my current thematic obsession with the horrors of dementia, and with the standard ideas of what happiness is.

There are also stories from Alan Baxter, Angie Rega, Sean Williams and others, and excellent summaries on the State of Australian Spec Fic from Tehani Wessely and G. N. Braun, so well worth the click!

SQ Magazine, Edition 14

Ditmar Awards

The Ditmar Awards have been announced, and I’m very pleased to say that my Aurealis Award winning story, “Air, Water and the Grove”, has received a nomination for best short story. Excellent!

The shortlist is here. The link to vote is there as well. I have my eye on Best Novel as well, because I really like both Trucksong, by Andrew Macrae (Twelfth Planet Press) , and Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead, by Robert Hood (Wildside Press).


Aurealis Awards

Absolutely thrilled that my short story, “Air, Water and the Grove”, from the Pandemonium Press anthology “The Lowest Heaven“, won the Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction story on Saturday night.

Huge thanks to Jared Shurin for providing the opportunity and inspiration for this story!

It will be appearing in Prime Books’ “The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror”, edited by Paula Guran.


Congrats to all the winners!

Interview links

SF Signal: Why we write horror and why you love it.

Cranky Ladies Resurrected from History in the Sydney Morning Herald and elsewhere

Emma Constance Stone, another Cranky Lady, one I discovered when writing a Sherlock Holmes story set in Melbourne 1880!

This is the Cranky Lady in History page. It’s going to be a great anthology, I reckon. I’m researching the amazing Catherine Spence and finding her more and more interesting the further I go.

Audio Update


Here I am chatting with David McDonald at Galactic Chat. I think I only render him speechless one.

In very exciting news, Slights has been released as an audio book from Audible! Lisa Coleman narrates and I think she sounds perfect.

Refreshing the Wells 23

I spent the weekend in an abandoned asylum, looking for ghosts.


My story “Finding the Path”, written from the same spark as my story “Ghost Jail” is in the audiobook “Thirteen“, which has just been shortlisted for an Audie Award! The audiobook also has stories from Kim Newman and Dan Abnett among others and is really very good.

Stories out:

“Born and Bread” in Once Upon a Time, edited by Paula Guran

Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales edited by Paula Guran

“Blood is Blood” in Scott Harrison’s Twisted Histories

My novella “Sky” is reprinted in Tehani Wessely’s Focus 2012, Australian award winning fiction.


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