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Charles Tan at Bibliophile Stalker, has posted his review of “Slights”. Charles runs an interesting and informative site with links to Speculative Fiction happenings around the world.

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Angry Robot Books is officially launched (with a cake made out of metal, I believe), which means “Slights” and “Moxyland” are launched as well. “Moxyland” by Lauren Beukes, is a terrifying, disturbing, heart-breaking book. I got the end and started back at the beginning again; it’s that kind of book. I’m going to read it again now I’ve read her afterword; the layers I missed of South African history, of manipulation and abuse, will hopefully come through now. It’s a damn cute little soft toy, too. I bet my daughter will want one.


That’s the very rare Advance Review Copy they’re reading. The real cover is fabulous.

With perfect timing, Falcata Times has posted an interview with me and a review of “Slights”. This was an interesting interview in that they ask all writers the same questions. Good to flick back and see what the others said!

The very entertaining and learned Gillian Polack, whose novel “The Art of Effective Dreaming” will be launched very soon indeed, has honoured me by asking me to be the first of her guest bloggers at her Food History site.  Over the next two days, I’ll talk about the food in “Slights”, food in general, and eating. I’ll post a couple of ripper recipes, too.

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