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Writerly Update

Lots of news to catch up on.

  • Firstly, I’ll be in Melbourne this weekend for OzHorrorCon. You can find me at the AHWA table from around noon on the Saturday, and I’m on two panels on the Sunday. Lots of cool stuff happening there, and the venue looks very inspiring. I’m hoping to find a ghost or two there, as well as lots of humans.
  • John Joseph Adams bought my story “All You Can Do is Breathe” for his electronic Nightmares Magazine. Very thrilled to sell a story to John, and to see this one available online.

This story recently appeard in Polish in the book Najlepsze Horrory.

  • Here’s the poster for Zombies vs Robots Women on War. I love this book! It’s so varied in its themes and directions. The signing sheets travelled the world, so grabbing a signed copy would be pretty special.

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  • Author Nicole Murphy embarked on a project to encourage new writers to reach publication. She did an incredible job, and has now published an anthology. I supported this by offering my very first published short story, “White Bed”, for the book. I read part of this aloud at the Harold Park Hotel, my first public reading. With my parents in the audience I had to read the opening page, which is not something I’d want my parents to hear. But what do you do? You can’t censor yourself because of your parents. In Fabula-divino looks to be an excellent book.


  • My story “The Gaze Dogs of Nine Waterfall”, which first appeared in the stunning series Exotic Gothic, is appearing on Tales to Terrify, read by the very talented Kim Lakin-Smith. It’s amazing to hear your work read aloud. The pauses, the emphases, the voices used. Love it, and can’t wait to hear it! It will be up in a day or two. My last story there was “All You Can Do is Breathe.”
  • Fablecroft Press have announced that they will publish the first Joanne Anderton short story collection. Joanne is an amazingly talented, original writer, and this book is a ripper. I know, because I’m writing the introduction so I’ve read it.
  • The astonishing Joe Pulver has edited an anthology inspired by the writing of Thomas Ligotti. I’m thrilled to be included in this TOC, which is full of rule-breaking, genre-busting, crazy-arsed writers. My story, The Human Moth, was a joy to write. I felt a sense of freedom in writing it, knowing that it could be insane if I wanted it to be be. It starts like this:Behold the human moth. Drawn to the light, antennae out and ears alert, she can’t stay inside on a night like this.

  • Finally, Through Splintered Walls news. The City of Rockingham has organised a series of paper-cutting workshops, using the mis-printed copies of Through Splintered Walls! The first workshop is already booked out, but there will be others. I cannot wait to see the result of these. Many thanks to Lee Battersby, author of The Corpse-Rat King, and Alisa Krasnostein, publisher, who made all this happen.

Dave Versace and Tsana Dolichva have posted excellent reviews of the book itself.

That’s all for now! Amongst all this I’m completing a number of short stories, and am working away on the next novel. And the next. So many words!

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