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I’m extremely proud to say that with the Ditmar Awards and the Australian Shadows Awards announced, I have a personal record on ten nominations!

Very thrilled to be amongst such strong shortlists across the three awards.

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Shopping Dockets found in a Cookbook bought from the LifeLine  Bookfair.

The book is “Shoots, Leaves and Eats”, by Fran Archway. I’m assuming Fran knows the joke!

Tucked inside the pages are two shopping dockets.
Two different supermarkets.

One lists Shape Active milk, Brocolli and Sweet William Pears.

The other lists full cream milk, butternut snaps and peanuts.

One healthy, one not so healthy. I wonder; do two people do the shopping? Or does one person do the shopping, with conflicting purchases? Do they buy the healthy food where people they know can see them, and the unhealthy stuff at a place where they know nobody?

If I use it in a story, I’ll make the contrast more extreme, but I love the little contradiction these two dockets provide.

I found lots of excellent books at the bookfair. More soon.

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Awards, readings, stories

I’ll be reading an excerpt from “The Glass Woman” at the Village Festival in Canberra this weekend. This is definitely an adults only reading! This story first appeared in Aurealis Magazine, and can be found also in my first short story collection, The Grinding House, soon in electronic form.

The Aurealis Award shortlist has been announced and I’m happy to see that I appear three times.

“Sky”, from Through Splintered Walls,  is shortlisted for Best Horror Story.

“The Lighthouse Keepers’ Club”, from Exotic Gothic 4, is shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Story.

Through Splintered Walls is shortlisted for Best Collection.

I’ll be in Sydney for the award ceremony in May. I was on the jury for the Illustrated Works panel. Loved sitting on this one and we’re really happy with the shortlist. I’m chairing the jury panel for the Stoker Awards Graphic Novel this year, and I’m looking to forward to lots of Australian submissions this year.

In publishing, Pandemonium press announced the Table of Contents for The Lowest Heaven, an  anthology of stories written about the planets. I scored Saturn, the planet of lead and of melancholy. I loved writing my story “Air, Water and the Grove”. The launch will be at the Royal Observatory in June. I so wish I could be there.

“Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells” was released this week. Tor Books ran a chat on Twitter, which actually out-trended the Prime Minister for a while! It was a really interesting discussion, worth catching up on.

I will be travelling to Perth in May, for the opening of the exhibition of works created during the Through Splintered Walls paper cutting workshops. Cannot wait to see these artworks! I’ll be running a writing workshop while there, and visiting the State Archives under the guidance of the talented and very amusing Lee Battersby.

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