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Flycon 09

Flycon 09, an online convention, starts in a few hours and I’ve decided to jump on board!

There are writers like Lisa Mantchev, Simon Haynes, Gillian Polack, Tony Shillitoe, Kate Forsyth, Rob Hood and Jennifer Fallon, talking about horror, fantasy and science fiction and all things beyond.

I’m on a panel at 2pm on Saturday(Fiji time), along with Stephen King expert Rocky Wood, talking about Stephen King, of course.

On Sunday morning at 7 (Fiji time), I’m going to talk about the things I read outside of genre, and how this influences me, along with Chris Dolley and Monissa Whiteley.

Then at 1pm (Fiji time) on Sunday, I will be taking questions. I’m not sure what questions I’ll be taking, but all will be welcome.

The programme is here.

If you want to join in, go to the livejournal page here.

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