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Nightmare Magazine

My story “Death’s Door Cafe”, which first appeared in Shadows and Tall Trees, is now up at Nightmare Magazine. You can read it here, and read the interview I did with Sandra Odell about the story here.

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The Grief Hole

I have big news. Very big news that I’ve been sitting on for a while.

I’ve signed a contract with IFWG Publishing Australia to publish my next novel!

This will be the second in their Dark Phases series, the first being the brilliant Peripheral Visions, by Robert Hood.

The Grief Hole is dark exploration of grief, manipulation, malevolent ghosts, a monstrous, charismatic man and the woman who needs to venture deep into a place called The Grief Hole in order to stop him.

I’m thrilled beyond belief. This book is dark and nasty and explores elements of humanity that were hard to venture into. It hurt to write, and I’m looking forward to inflicting that pain on others.

Gerry Huntman and I will make launch announcements soon!


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News, news, news.

Lots of news to catch up on!


The Aurealis Award shortlists are announced, and I’m thrilled to see that my story “Witnessing”, which appeared in The Canary Press Issue 6, is shortlisted for Best SF Short Story.

My copy of Star Quake 3: SQ Mag’s Best of 2014 arrived. Very proud to be in this book alongside Sean Williams, Ken Liu and others.

star quake 3 front cover bright

Paula Guran and Prime Books have favoured me with two amazing selections! Paula has chosen “The Body Finder”, which first appeared in Cohesion Press’ Blurring the Line, for her Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror anthology!

She has also chosen “Working for the God of the Love of Money” for her anthology Street Magicks , which looks amazing.

In frankly mind-blowing news, Ellen Datlow has selected my story “Dead Sea Fruit” for Nightmares: a New Decade of Modern Horror . I know!


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All Roll Over

When Tehani Wessely, of FableCroft Publishing, announced a new anthology called In Your Face , to contain extreme, message-driven stories, I was very interested. I love a good story that doesn’t pull any punches. She wanted stories we might not be able to publish elsewhere, or that we’d been too afraid to write before.

I knew straight away what story I wanted to send her, a story that came to me fully formed one day and that I simply had to transcribe.

I was waiting for a bus in Annandale, Sydney. I spent a lot of time at this bus stop; I have notebooks full of story ideas and observations. I was knocked over on the pedestrian crossing there once (driver gave me a false name but I took the rego number!). But I’ve never used any of it, apart from the old mattress I saw leaning against a wall.

It was thick, and covered with dark stains. I remember staring at that mattress and wondering where it had been. Who’d slept on it. Who’d died on it.

Once I started writing, I somehow channelled all the fury I felt at th roles of women in the world. I was working on a story called Coral in Five Parts, a far gentler story about Coral as daughter, wife, best friend, employee, self. The mattress story, “All Roll Over”, captured what I wanted to say about how sometimes we become lost in our roles, and sometimes we are so defined by those roles we are seen as little else.

FableCroft are running a crowdfunding campaign for the anthology. Details, and full table of contents here.

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Thrilled to see a selection of stories over my career published by Cemetery Dance in this series.

Stories include “A Positive”, which won me my first award, and which was made into a short film by BearCage Productions (now WildBear). I’ll have copies of the movie at Genrecon, for those who are lucky enough to attend!

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Midnight Echo 11

My issue of Midnight Echo is available now, in PDF, mobi and epub.

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I can’t believe it’s finally here! This magazine has been part of my life for two years now. In that time I’ve read hundreds of short story and poetry submissions and seen the work of dozens of artists.

Much of it was good; some of it was brilliant.

I’m a sucker for brilliance.

This magazine contains the stories and poems I couldn’t forget. The ones I wish I’d written. I love the way they work together. They share some themes, but each voice is startlingly original.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

I want to thank the amazing Cassie Britland. Funny, brilliant, organised, strong, talented. Without her the magazine would not be here, no doubt. You’re a little ripper, Cassie.

You can order it from the website. $2.99!

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Lee Battersby asked me to write a bit about my fetishes, and I did so! I’m not giving any hints here. You’ll have to go look.

The Gate Theory is out in print and it looks gorgeous! I hung out with Geoff Brown, Deb Sheldon and the fellas from IFWG Publishing at Supanova in Melbourne last weekend. Lots of fun was had! I picked up a copy of Rob Hood’s gorgeous new book, Peripheral Visions. I took along five specimen jars filled with…things. Teeth, bones, paint, chicken soup, red dirt and dried mushrooms. The first person to tell me which specimen jar matches which story will win a mystery prize!

Joseph D’Lacey wrote the most delightful review of Walking the Tree. He said it’s a great holiday read! Now that is my kind of holiday.

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