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Soundtrack to “Slights”

When Hollywood calls, I already have the soundtrack to “Slights”, as devised by our High Commissioner to Fiji, Mr James Batley, who hosted the Fiji launch on Wednesday night. Here is his list. Wonderful stuff!
“Stephanie Says”, The Velvet Underground
“Devil in Disguise”, Elvis Presley
“Devil in her Heart”, The Beatles
“Double Life”, The Cars
“Bones”, The Killers
“Beauty and the Beast”, David Bowie
“Crippled Inside”, John Lennon
“Psycho Killer”, Talking Heads
“Into the Night”, Julee Cruise
“Twilight”, Antony and the Johnsons
“Blackbird”, Sarah McLachlan
“Bird on a Wire”, Leonard Cohen
“Happiness is a Warm Gun”, The Beatles
“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” Bob Dylan
“I Float Alone”, Julee Cruise
“Breathe Me”, Sia

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Maneesha Karan from the Fiji Times came to interview me on Tuesday. We had a really interesting talk about Fiji, philosophy and taxi drivers. You can read the result here.

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Lots of news

I’m feeling very excitable today. Here’s one reason:


Yes, I’m only book of the month at Borders in the UK!

Plus, Charles Tan has an interview up with me here.

Plus, my Fiji Launch is on tomorrow night and I have a musical surprise provided by a musical genius.

Plus, I just did an interview with the Fiji Times. Smart questions. The reporter was really interested in my philosophy, what inspired me to write certain stories. Wonderful stuff.

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Worldcon Schedule

The time has come to post my Worldcon panels, and there is a little something happening in New York afterwards.

When: Thu 19:00
Title:  Horror and Dark Fantasy Writers: 
What Makes the Story "Horror"
or "Dark Fantasy"?
All Participants:  Ellen Datlow, 
Kari Sperring, Maura McHugh, Susan
 Forest, Kaaron Warren
Description:  Horror and dark fantasy 
writers tell how they do it, how
do they think up the horror and how do 
they know it when they write it? 
When: Fri 9:00
Location:  Outdoors
Title:  Stroll With The Stars - Friday
All Participants:  Ellen Datlow, Jay Lake, Scott Edelman, Stephen H.
Segal, Stu Segal, Kaaron Warren
Description:  A gentle, friendly 1 mile stroll with some of your
favorite Authors, Artists & Editors.  Leaving daily 9AM, from the
Riopelle Fountain outside the Palais (corner of Ave Viger & Rue de
Bleury), returning before 10AM.

When: Fri 19:00
The Angry Robot Books launch. The Moxyland Launch. The Slights Launch. 
All Welcome! My daughter has already picked out her launch outfit 
(she calls it her ‘book launch outfit’) and it is fabulous.

When: Sat 12:30
Title:  Inspiration, Homage or Appropriation?
All Participants:  Ada G. Palmer, Kij Johnson, Lev Grossman, Kaaron
Description:  Using Earth-derived cultures in secondary fantasy

When: Sun 11:00
Title:  Writing in a Culture Not Your Own
All Participants:  David D. Levine, Emma Hawkes, Joshua Palmatier,
Kaaron Warren
Description:  How does a writer get into the head of a character from
a different culture, race, planet, gender?  How can writers include
diversity in their writing without using stereotypes? Or should they
not try at all? 
When: Sun 12:00
Location:  Other
Title:  Kaaron Warren Signing
All Participants:  Kaaron Warren

When: Sun 12:30
Title:  I'm Not Scared any More
All Participants:  Russell Blackford, Stephen H. Segal, Kaaron Warren
Description:  One problem horror has is that, once it puts a new scary
idea into the discourse, that idea rapidly becomes normalised and,
well, not scary. So what's really scary now, this late in the day?

When: Sun 14:00
Title:  Author Reading
All Participants:  Jody Lynn Nye, Kaaron Warren, Lauren Beukes

New York, Wednesday August 19th, 7pm    

Robert Freeman Wexler and I will be reading at the


Yes, I’m reading at the KGB Bar.

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I’m enjoying this LoveReading site. You can download first chapters of dozens of books, including Slights.

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One of the inspirations for “Slights” was the Bhagavad Gita. I read that book when I was young. Well, I didn’t read it; I looked at the pictures. Especially the pictures of hell. An alcoholic in a bar having molten lead poured down tjhis throat. An adulterous woman, her diaphanous gown in rags about her, being menaced by a terrifying demon.

All drawn in the some loving detail as was Krisna and Rhadarani, and the cowgirls.

The images have stayed with me. I couldn’t find any on the ‘net, and my copy of the Bhagavad Gita is in storage. But I was always fascinated with idea that we all create our own hell through our own actions.

Joanne at The Book Zombie reviews “Slights” and she found this idea intriguing. This is another thoughtful and intense review.

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slightsvictoria1Kathryn Linge took this photo at Victoria Station on a recent visit. Thanks, Kathryn! Check out what number I am!

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Charles Tan at Bibliophile Stalker, has posted his review of “Slights”. Charles runs an interesting and informative site with links to Speculative Fiction happenings around the world.

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Angry Robot Books is officially launched (with a cake made out of metal, I believe), which means “Slights” and “Moxyland” are launched as well. “Moxyland” by Lauren Beukes, is a terrifying, disturbing, heart-breaking book. I got the end and started back at the beginning again; it’s that kind of book. I’m going to read it again now I’ve read her afterword; the layers I missed of South African history, of manipulation and abuse, will hopefully come through now. It’s a damn cute little soft toy, too. I bet my daughter will want one.


That’s the very rare Advance Review Copy they’re reading. The real cover is fabulous.

With perfect timing, Falcata Times has posted an interview with me and a review of “Slights”. This was an interesting interview in that they ask all writers the same questions. Good to flick back and see what the others said!

The very entertaining and learned Gillian Polack, whose novel “The Art of Effective Dreaming” will be launched very soon indeed, has honoured me by asking me to be the first of her guest bloggers at her Food History site.  Over the next two days, I’ll talk about the food in “Slights”, food in general, and eating. I’ll post a couple of ripper recipes, too.

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