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Writerly Updates

Lots of exciting news.

The cover for my issue of Midnight Echo is released. Photography is by Tammy Ruggles, a highly talented artist. I wanted to capture the idea that Sinister exists in real life as well as in the imaginary world, and Tammy’s work does that beautifully.

I was reminded of this concept on the weekend, when I visited the Monte Carlo Homestead in Junee. Fascinating old place, with plenty of ghost stories to share. The scariest moment came, though, when we were talking to the owner. We asked if she was scared of the ghosts, and she said, “I always say you should be more scared of the living than the dead. The dead can’t actually hurt you.”

Gave me goose bumps.

Also, the first guests are announced for Genrecon in Queensland, and I am one! Absolutely thrilled, and cannot wait to get there.

Another exciting upcoming event is the new Noted Festival in Canberra. James Doig and I will be leading a writing workshop as well as reading ghost stories in one of Canberra’s scariest locations. Excellent fun!

Speaking of workshops, I’m running my Dream Workshop for the ACT Writers Centre this year. I first ran this workshop for Geoff Brown at the wonderful Aradale Asylum ghost hunting retreat and I am really looking forward to playing with people’s minds again!

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