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Thursday Night will find me launching the exciting new novel from Rebecca James, Cooper Bartholemew is Dead.

6pm at Electric Shadows in Braddon.


Then I’ll be in Melbourne this weekend, attending Armageddon Expo on the Saturday. I’m there for the crowdfunding launch of CTHULHU: DEEP DOWN-UNDER, an incredible anthology of fiction and art, featuring my story “In the Drawback”, which is illustrated by one of my favourite artists, Chris Roberts. Prints of many of the illustrations will be available at our Booth (number 74, I believe).

This anthology was edited by Christopher Sequeira, Steve Proposch and Bryce Stevens. Steve bought one of my very early stories, A Positive for his Bloodsongs Magazine, and I credit that sale and his response to my work as an inspiration at the beginning of my career. So it’s very cool to have sold him another!

Also in the book are writers Stephen Dedman, Geoff Brown, Janeen Webb, Lucy Sussex, Robert Hood, Jason Franks and lots more, with art from Nick Stathopoulos, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Shauna O’Meara and of course Chris Roberts.

The crowdfunding site is here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cthulhu-deep-down-under

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Literary Beer at Conflux

One of the many, many highlights of Conflux was the Literary Beer I shared with a group of vibrant, funny, interesting people. I don’t like beer so I drank Sloe Vodka and lemonade. The sloe vodka infusion is made in-house at Rydges Capital Hill. Worth a visit just for that!

Here we are, enjoying ourselves. Thanks to Cat Sparks for the fantastic photo!


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