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One of the fabulous things about Worldcon was meeting Mur Lafferty. We talk online a lot and always have lots of fun, and it was great to meet her in person.

Here’s the two of us chatting!

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South Africa, North America and Australia talk! Here’s me, Lauren Beukes and Mur Lafferty, chatting across the time zones in the Angry Robot Podcast. It’s my first podcast, so be kind.

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Kids ask the questions

Here’s a chance to find out what my kids want to ask me about writing! Gillian Polack has posted an interview where they got to ask half the questions.

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The British Fantasy Society has set up a new Author’s page, where you can go ask questions of dozens of writers. Authors are welcome to set up their own page there, as well. There are already people like Ramsey Campbell, Gary McMahon, Rob Shearman and Sarah Pinborough, so worth a look!

Also, Cara Murphy at Temple Library Reviews has posted a review of Walking the Tree.

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SF Signal Mind Meld

The latest topic is “SF/F books that would make a good TV series.

I had a lot of fun answering this one. I hope some TV producers take note because there are a lot of good suggestions there!

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Harry Markov

I talk to Harry Markov at Temple Library Reviews about my experience working with Angry Robot Books.

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Ben Peek

The writer Ben Peek posed all sorts of questions to me over the last week. We’ve known each other for a while and have an easy communication, so this interview was a lot of fun! Ben has a lot of interesting things to say over the rest of his blog, too.

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This from Tansy Rayner Robert’s Livejournal:

“In 2005, Ben Peek spent a frantic week interviewing 43 people in the Australian Spec Fic scene. In 2007, a group of ASiF! reviewers took up the challenge and did it again, this time interviewing 83 people.

In the lead-up to Aussiecon 4 in Melbourne, and the great opportunity offered by the local Worldcon to see some Australians get a shot at the Hugo ballot, some of the ASif! reviewers will be doing it again, and blogging interviews from this coming Monday until Sunday 22nd Feb.

To read them hot off the press, check these blogs daily:

Will we beat 83 this time? If you know of someone involved in the Scene with something to plug, then send us an email at 2010snapshot@gmail.com”

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I’ve been absent from this site for a few weeks because WordPress was blocked in Fiji. As far as I know, there are a few anti-Government sites running on WordPress and on Blogspot, so both these were blocked. I’m back in Australia now, and have plenty of updating to do.

For now, here’s my guest post with The Book Smugglers, about books past and future.

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Review and Interview

Martin Livings, author of  ‘Carnies’ (one of a dozen or so books I’m saving for my journey home to Australia) has posted a review of ‘Slights’ at the ASif (Australian SpecFic In Focus) website.

It’s another thoughtful and honest review.


I also have an interview up at inTrouble. This is a print mag now online. It’s edited by Steve Proposch, who edited two early stories of mine (“A Positive” and “The Hanging People”) and whom I credit with helping me continue as a writer. He was so encouraging early on, believing in me right from the start.

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