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Art. One of my favourite artists, Stephen Harrison, presented his graduation work at the ANU on the weekend. He does amazing work. I have a castle built from found objects, which inspired my story The Castle. The story was published online at Shadowed Realms, but it no longer up. I’ll send the story to interested parties, if requested.

His work last year revolved around lighthouses. This year, it’s inspired by war. His work inspires many story ideas. I’m hoping to see a piece at Sculpture on the Sea this year.

You can see his work here.

Meanwhile, here’s an excellent review of Through Splintered Walls, from Mark Webb.

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The Invisible Thread

Another interview, talking head this time. Actually you can see my arms too. Do they still call it a talking head if arms are on view?

Here, I’m talking about my story “The Glass Woman”, which appears excerpted in The Invisible Thread anthology of Canberran writing.



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I’m on the Rack and “On Fiction Writing“, interviewed by Michael Keyton.

There are some fascinating interviews on the site, with people like Jack Ketchum, Jo Fletcher, Alan Baxter, Angela Slatter, Ellen Datlow and Lisa Tuttle.

And in other exciting news, here’s my story “Cooling the Crows“, translated and appearing in Romanian!

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Watching the movie Natural Born Killers. This movie inspires me to continue to write angry fiction that doesn’t conform. I really love this movie, and the music. This is the opening scene, with the incredible “Waiting for the Miracle”, from Leonard Cohen.

Here’s Cohen singing “The Future”. Goosebumps, hand shakes, head aches. God, I love it.

And then, after writing, that, I remembered this song! There could not be a broader contrast between singers and songs! Christie Allen singing “Goosebumps“.

Yes, I did have some shiny pants like that. I had to do them up with a coathanger, they were so tight.

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