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One of the fabulous things about Worldcon was meeting Mur Lafferty. We talk online a lot and always have lots of fun, and it was great to meet her in person.

Here’s the two of us chatting!

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The Shining

The movie The Shining remains the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, although it shares that spot with The Ring.

Which reminds me: I have Koji Suzuki’s “Spiral” still to read! It slipped down to the bottom of my frankly terrifying bedside reading pile. Excellent!

Mark Deniz at Beyond Fiction asked me to write about “The Shining” for their Ghost Appreciation Month, and you’ll find my response there.

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Last year, Robert Freeman Wexler and I had the opportunity to read our stories at the KGB Bar in New York. This venue has been hosting literary events since 1993, and every month sees “Fantastic Fiction”, run by Ellen Datlow and Matt Kressel.

The night Robert and I read, the room was packed with avid listeners. The bar is red-walled and covered with pictures of old Russians. The bar man is relaxed and eccentric. It was one of those nights I wished I lived in New York, because it was fun and inspiring. This month they have Adam Golaski and Paul Witcover.

You get paid to read at the bar, which means it’s a professional engagement. It’s free entry, which means they have to raise some funds in other ways.

What better way than a raffle? Tickets are a dollar each. Prizes are things like Neil Gaiman’s keyboard, a story critique from Shawna McCarthy, a signed copy of Jeffery Ford’s first novel, and heaps of other fantastic stuff.



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