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Very interesting article by Nicholas Seeley at Strange Horizons. He interviewed a lot of the writers in the Apex Book of World SF and put this story together.

Also, I’ve just discovered that Danielle has put together a playlist of the “Stephanie Says” soundtrack James Batley made for me at the ‘Slights’ launch in Fiji!

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My novel, ‘Slights‘ has scored a couple of recommendations for “Best First Novel” in the Stoker Awards, and there are a few other Aussies on the list, too. Sinister Reads will profile all those recommended over the next few weeks.

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Review and Interview

Martin Livings, author of  ‘Carnies’ (one of a dozen or so books I’m saving for my journey home to Australia) has posted a review of ‘Slights’ at the ASif (Australian SpecFic In Focus) website.

It’s another thoughtful and honest review.


I also have an interview up at inTrouble. This is a print mag now online. It’s edited by Steve Proposch, who edited two early stories of mine (“A Positive” and “The Hanging People”) and whom I credit with helping me continue as a writer. He was so encouraging early on, believing in me right from the start.

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SF Signal

As part of the launch of The Apex Book of World SF, SF Signal is publishing interviews with some of the authors.

There’s wonderful stuff from Melanie Fazi, Jetse de Vries, Aliette de Bodard and Guy Hasson, with more to come. My interview is up today.

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News Frenzy

I have two Fiji travel stories around at the moment.

“When Suva had a Cinema Paradiso” is a Letter from Suva at The Guardian Weekly.

“Circling Suva”, my travelogue on macabre Fiji, is at Hub Magazine.


The Apex Book of Science Fiction‘ has been launched. I cannot wait to read this one! This is the list of contributors. There will be interviews with most at the WorldSF site over the next few weeks.

S.P. Somtow(Thailand)—“The Bird Catcher”
Jetse de Vries(Netherlands)—“Transcendence Express”
Guy Hasson (Israel)—“The Levantine Experiments”
Han Song (China)—“The Wheel of Samsara”
Kaaron Warren (Australia/Fiji)—“Ghost Jail”
Yang Ping (China)—“Wizard World”
Dean Francis Alfar (Phillippines)—“L’Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars)”
Nir Yaniv (Israel)—“Cinderers”
Jamil Nasir (Palenstine)—“The Allah Stairs”
Tunku Halim (Malaysia)—“Biggest Baddest Bomoh”
Aliette de Bodard (France)—“The Lost Xuyan Bride”
Kristin Mandigma (Phillippines)—“Excerpt from a Letter by a Social-realist Aswang”
Aleksandar Žiljak (Croatia)—“An Evening In The City Coffehouse, With Lydia On My Mind”
Anil Menon (India)—“Into the Night”
Mélanie Fazi (France, translated by Christopher Priest)—“Elegy”
Zoran Živković (Serbia, translated by Alice Copple-Tošić)—“Compartments”


Paper Cities‘, the anthology edited by Ekaterina Sedia and published by Matt Kressell at Senses Five Press, won a World Fantasy Award! It’s available on Kindle now. I love this book. It contains the Aurealis Award winning story “Sammarynda Deep” by Cat Sparks.


That will do for now!


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I’m now on Twitter as KaaronWarren.

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Harry Markov at Temple Library Review has posted a spooky short interview series, asking horror writers about their early scares. I’m there talking about “The Shining”, but more about the night I first saw it.


Also, Richard Larson has posted a thoughtful review of “Slights” at Strange Horizons.

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