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Rude Little Girl

Wonderful news: my story, The Rude Little Girl, is a winner at the Campaign for Real Fear.

Christopher Fowler, author of The Bureau of Lost Souls and Roofworld, two of my favourite books, and Maura McHugh, the writer and blogger, called for entries of 500 words, depicting the monsters of our time.

I’m very stoked about this. I imagined this rude little girl a while ago, and she scares me.

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The BearCage Productions movie of my short story “A Positive” will be shown at the Vampire Den, King’s Cross, Sydney, this weekend!

I don’t think I’ll make it, but I do hope some of you Sydney types will go and let me know what the audience thinks!

It’s a creepy, atmospheric movie. Watching it, I thought, “How did I think of THAT?”

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Australian Shadows Awards

I’ve just heard that Slights won the Australian Shadows Best Long Fiction Award! Very, very thrilled to win this one, as I was up against some very, very strong books.

Deb Biancotti’s “Six Suicides” from her collection A Book of Endings won Best Short Fiction, beating my “Gaze Dogs of Nine Waterfall.”

Grant’s Pass, edited by Amanda Pillar and Jennifer Brozek, won Best Edited Publication.

Great news all round! Thank you to the judges. It’s a huge amount of work and so important to those of us with books and stories to be considered.  Craig Bezant, Stephanie Gunn and Chuck McKenzie (Confessions of a Pod Person) whittled the short list, and Martin Livings (Carnies) chose the winner in my section.

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