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Award Eligibility 2021

It’s been a weird couple of years in publishing, that’s for sure! I’ve had lots out this year, some of it stories I sold ages ago. So while this list looks impressive, it demonstrates a few years of sales!

I’m really happy to have two books out, the non-fiction chapbook from Brain Jar Press and the marvellous short fiction collection with Ellen Datlow from IFWG.

“The Red Shrine”, in Spawn, editor Deb Sheldon, IFWG Publishing, July 2021, 2500 words

“Corners”, in Weird Fiction Review 11, Centipede Press,  January 2021, 2500 words

“The King In Yella”,in  Under Twin Suns,  editor James Chambers, Hippocampus Press, June 2021 4600 words

Capturing Ghosts on the Page, BrainJar Press, non-fiction chapbook

Tool Tales, short story collection with Ellen Datlow,  IFWG Publishing, June 2021

“Exurbia”, in Out of the Ruins, Titan, editor Preston Grassman, November 2021 2600 words

Only Dead Men Do Not Lie: The Trials of the Formosans” , in Sisterhood, Chaosium Press, editor Nate Pederson, May 2021 4500 words

Warp and Weft”, in  Professor Charlatan Bardot’s Travel Anthology, Dark Moon Books, editor Eric J. Guignard, November 2021 5500 words

“The Steering Wheel Club”, in Giving the Devil His Due, Running Wild Press, editor Rebecca Brewer, October 2021 3600 words

“Winter Sweet, Winter Grieve” in Grimdark Magazine #25, Grimdark Publishing, January 2021, 3000 words

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