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  “This is Disulfiram, which blocks the metabolism of acetaldehyde, the main metabolite of ethanol. Alcohol builds up acetaldehyde and makes the drinker sick.”

You know as writers we gather snippets of information and imagery that stay with us? This is one of those. Probably 20 years ago, as part of a casual conversation, a friend of a friend (and I still remember who it was) said that his mother used Antabuse secretly on her husband, stirring it into his breakfast. Everybody knew but him, and as he’d take a drink in the early afternoon, then be sick, they’d all know why.

People thought this was funny. I thought it was horrible at two levels. The fact that everyone except the man knew what was going on, so the life he lived was not the life he thought he lived. And the fact that this was her only defence against an alcoholic husband. She was pushed to this because he didn’t act himself.


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Marlyn Morny

I remembered that I had included Marlyn Morny, very briefly, in Mistification! The novel not only carries lots of footnotes, but lots of mini stories, as well. Here is one of them. I still have the idea to use, I think, because I really only touch on it here.

The Myth of the Holy Goddess

Every year, on this day, they go to this place, with roses grown individually and at great expense. These they lay down on the Square, the place from where the Goddess is said to rise.

From her martyrdom many hundreds of years before this place had been blessed; those who come to pray are given life, are given this gift of birth. The Great Goddess of Sex, Marlyn Morny, provides.



In other news, I saw a book of mine for the first time at a second-hand book sale. Does this mean I’ve made it to the next level? It did feel a bit sad to see it there, but the stall owners assured me it was because someone wanted to share it with others. Weren’t they kind? I signed it and told them to ask for twice the price.

At the stall I bought “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and the Batman series “A Death in the Family.” So I did celebrate free comics day, but I paid for the comics, because it was for a very good cause: http://www.pegasusact.com.au/ It’s a riding school for the disabled and is a gorgeous place.

I hope they sold the rejected Slights for heaps of money.

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No, not that kind.

Marvo has a fascination with the origins of the saying “Raining cats and dogs”, and this interest in origins is something I have, also. It leads me to story ideas, it plants images, and it adds layers to a story.

“Lick into shape” comes from the old belief that bear cubs were born shapeless masses and were licked into shape by their mother. What an amazing image. What if you lick wrong?

“Earmarked” is said of a ‘servant’ (read ‘slave’). In the Bible it says “…his master shall bore his ear through with an awl; and he shall serve him forever.” Cruel and awful. Forever? And are children earmarked at birth?

One story I’ll probably never write is called “Flowers for Marlyn Morny”. I’m also fascinated in the origins of laws and beliefs. Where did they start? And how will the small things we celebrate or believe be considered in the future?

The idea comes from the fact that Joe Di Maggio has arranged for flowers to be delivered to Marilyn Monroe’s grave ‘forever’. What will people think, 300 years from now, when flowers are delivered for a person who is far out of the public memory. Would it take on a mystical meaning?

With four stories to write, I have lots of thoughts and ideas running around in my head. I love this stage of creation.

Why won’t I write the Marilyn Monroe story? I just don’t know where to take it, what to do with it. I’ll let it sit for a while, you never know, but the idea has sat for over a decade, I think! If someone else wants to use it, please do!

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