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Writerly Update

Through Splintered Walls is out! It’s beautiful. Try your luck at the Goodreads giveaway! I’ll send one of my almost-antique bookplates to the winners.

Ishtar is also out. Ishtar past present and future, novellas from me, Deborah Biancotti and Cat Sparks. This sold out at Contiuum within about 24 hours, but can be ordered.


Nicole Murphy interviewed me as part of her “Writing Processes” series.

Donna Hanson also interviewed me, as part of her “Beta Readers” series.

My story “All You Can Do is Breathe” is coming out in a Polish anthology, called Najlepze Horrory, Best Horror 2012. Here, the translator Roman Ociepa talks about the process. Fascinating!


PS. If you have one of the ‘special’ copies of Through Splintered Walls, ie those sold at Contiuum, missing the first line from every single page (printer error, very quickly replaced) please let me or Alisa Krasonstein know. Copies replaced, free postage.

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Very much looking forward to the Australian National Convention next weekend. Lots of brilliant books to buy, panels to attend, bars to prop up and jokes to laugh hysterically at.

Here’s my formal timetable:

Friday, 7pm,  Argyle and Lincoln Rooms

Launch of my new short story collection, Through Splintered Walls, and others!

Ever wondered how your favorite Twelve Planet collection would taste like in cupcake form? Then come along to the Twelfth Planet Cocktail hour, to celebrate the launch of the newest Twelve Planets, ‘Through Splintered Walls’, by Kaaron Warren, and ‘Cracklescape’ by Margo Lanagan, plus the new TPP novella ‘Salvage’ by Jason Nahrung and a surprise announcement! Each book will be lovingly interpreted as a cupcake by master baker, Terri Sellen. Your cocktail choice is entirely your own…

Saturday, 9am, Pelham Room

Panel: Take the Pebble from my Hand, Grasshopper.

with: Louise Cusack, Kimberley Gaal, Jane Routley, Angela Slatter,

When starting out on any path it’s always good to have someone you can ask for advice. Writing is no different and there are many people willing to help. Our panellists discuss how to find a mentor, the benefits of having one and the rewards of being a mentor.

Saturday, 2pm, Drummond Room

Book Launch: Ishtar, edited by Amanda Pillar and K.V. Taylor.

with: Deborah Biancotti, Amanda Pillar, Cat Sparks

The Goddess Ishtar, Past, Present and Future.

This award nominated series of novellas for sale for the first time in paperback.

Sunday, 10am, Argyle Room

Panel: Everyone Loves a Good Murder

with: Lindy Cameron, Stephen Dedman, Tor Roxburgh, Laura Wilkinson

Murder mysteries – and just plain murder – are a staple of science-fiction and fantasy almost as much as crime. Why are we so fascinated with murder and those who commit it?

Sunday, 3pm, Faraday Room

Readings with Stephen Dedman, Chris McMahon and Lucy Sussex.

Full program is here.

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