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Something special happened today.

I spent my first day as a Fellow with the Prime Ministers Research Centre at the Museum for Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, also known as Old Parliament House, an amazing building filled with history, stories, lies, truths, art, tradition and all the trappings of government.

I’m going to be researching the files and archives there, as well as talking to the amazing staff who are stuffed full of knowledge and info. I learned today of a ghost in one of the corner offices, and I have every intention of finding more.

I’m exploring the relationship of Prime Ministers to Australian Artists, while investigating the Underhistory; the stories that lie beneath. I’ll be writing a crime novel (possibly with ghosts) inspired by what I find. I don’t need to tell you how exciting this is. I ADORE the details of history, and finding the hidden stories, the secrets, the ghosts, the truths.

If you’re in town and you’d like a tour of the place, let me know. I might be able to get you in the side door.



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