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David Carroll at Tabula Rasa has put up a review of Shadowmuse. I’m very glad I flew home for it, because the production was entrancing, the performances exactly right, and to hear my own words spoken aloud was most satisfying.

Meeting the actors afterwards was fun.

Jade Alexander and Jillian Russ played their roles so well it brought tears to my eyes. They took on very tough material in The Glass Woman and The Sameness of Birthdays, but neither flinched.

I admire this bravery in an actor as I do in a writer.

I wish I could see the show again. Love to go on closing night!

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Stephen Dedman, Deborah Biancotti and I all have stories being performed in ShadowMuse.

Anita Whelan, the producer, read Deb’s story a while ago and was so taken by it, decided to try it ‘live’. This experiment developed into ShadowMuse, five speculative fiction stories onstage.

We’re travelling to Sydney to attend the preview night. Can’t wait to see how my stories sound when read aloud on stage. Both are from my short story collection, “The Glass Woman“.

These are the details, from Anita Whelan:

“Shadowmuse is a theatrical adaptation of five short speculative fiction stories written by Australian authors: Deborah Biancotti (Stone By Stone), Stephen Dedman (Hard Lessons), Elmina Rudge (Power) and Kaaron Warren (The Glass Woman and The Sameness of Birthdays). These stories were written purely for reading, and were never meant to be performed or spoken.

Shades Theatre’s production of shadowmuse, exposes this dark and fascinating fiction which embraces the motifs of sex and death, life and lust. The resonant sounds of the viola, played live, enhance the translation of the written word to the spoken, bringing to life the surreal, yet inescapably real darkness of the human mind. Shadowmuse is an exploration of the dark desires that hide in all of us and that which humans so frequently deny they’re capable of committing.

Shadowmuse will be showing from February 3rd at Cleveland St Theatre, Redfern.
Tickets available through MCA Ticketing (www.mca-tix.com.au or 1300 306 776).

A word from the Producer (Anita Whelan)

Acting, like writing and so many other artistic professions, is one of the few arenas wherein it’s near impossible to earn a living, yet offers the greatest range of opportunities for work. We can set up a space and create, entertain and provoke – anywhere, anytime.

My long held interest in reading and writing speculative fiction, spawned Shadowmuse and consequently, Shades Theatre. Thank you for joining us in this new adventure. We hope you enjoy an evening of ‘difference’.

Directed by Sean O’Riordan
Jade Alexander
Patrick Connolly
Jillian Russ
Anita Whelan

Produced by Shades Theatre (Anita Whelan) contact 0422 469 570 or whelananita@hotmail.com

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