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Writerly Updates

Rather a large writerly update today.

  • Alan Kelly, writing for Fangirltastic, interviewed the contributing authors to the anthology Never Again, from GreyFriars Press. All profits from sales of this anthology go to the Sophie Lancaster Fund, Amnesty International and PEN. This is the cover, by Daniele Sera. I love his work. He also did the cover for Allyson Bird’s latest collection, Wine and Rank Poison.

  • I’ve announced this elsewhere, but on Tuesday night I was awarded a writing award by the Canberra Critics Circle, for my novel Slights. Am hugely proud to have received this recognition from the critics of Canberra.
  • Equilibrium Press will soon release Devil Dolls and Duplicates in Australian Horror. My story “Doll Money” is in this book, which I’m thrilled about.  Totally creepy cover!


  • The Angry Robot Lads have set up a short story shop! You can buy my award-nominated stories “The Glass Woman” and “The Sameness of Birthdays” there. These were the stories performed during Shadowmuse, starring Jill Russ and Jade Alexander. You can also by stories by the extremely clever Gary McMahon, Guy Haley, Maurice Broaddus, Colin Harvey and more!

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