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I spent the weekend in an abandoned asylum, looking for ghosts.

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My story “Finding the Path”, written from the same spark as my story “Ghost Jail” is in the audiobook “Thirteen“, which has just been shortlisted for an Audie Award! The audiobook also has stories from Kim Newman and Dan Abnett among others and is really very good.

Stories out:

“Born and Bread” in Once Upon a Time, edited by Paula Guran

Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales edited by Paula Guran

“Blood is Blood” in Scott Harrison’s Twisted Histories

My novella “Sky” is reprinted in Tehani Wessely’s Focus 2012, Australian award winning fiction.

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In December last year, I was lucky enough to be awarded the 2013 ACT Writers’ and Publishers’ Award for Through Splintered Walls. This means that all three of my eligible collections have won this award! The Grinding House, Dead Sea Fruit and this one. I received a voucher from one of my favourite bookshops, Paperchain in Manuka. The hard thing is choosing a book!

Judges were Alex Adsett, agent and more extraordinaire, and the wonderful Gia Metherell, who was the Canberra Times Literary Editor for a long time.

Highly Commended: Nigel Featherstone’s I’m Ready Now (Blemish Books) and Donald McMaster’s Provocation (Arcadia). Nigel has a story at the Review of Australian Fiction at the moment. Definitely worth a read; he’s a talented writer.


The Aurealis Awards shortlist was announced. I’m on it twice! Such a strong field.

Savage  Bitch by  Steve  Carter  and  Antoinette  Rydyr  (Scar  Studios)
Mr  Unpronounceable  Adventures by  Tim  Molloy  (Milk  Shadow  Books)
Burger  Force  by  Jackie  Ryan  (self published)
Peaceful  Tomorrows  Volume  Two by  Shane  W  Smith  (Zetabella  Publishing)
The  Deep  Vol.  2:  The  Vanishing  Island by  Tom  Taylor  and  James  Brouwer  (Gestalt  Publishing)
BEST  CHILDREN’S  BOOK Kingdom  of  the  Lost,  book  2:  Cloud  Road by  Isobelle  Carmody  (Penguin  Group  Australia)
Refuge by  Jackie
French  (Harper  Collins)
Song  for  a  scarlet  runner by  Julie  Hunt  (Allen  &  Unwin)
The  four  seasons  of  Lucy  McKenzie by  Kirsty  Murray  (Allen  &  Unwin)
Rules  of  Summer by  Shaun  Tan  (Hachette  Australia)
Ice  Breaker:  The  Hidden  1 by  Lian  Tanner  (Allen  &  Unwin)
“Mah  Song”  by  Joanne  Anderton  (The  Bone  Chime  Song  and  Other  Stories,  FableCroft  Publishing)
“By  Bone-­‐light”  by  Juliet  Marillier  (Prickle  Moon,  Ticonderoga  Publications)
“Morning  Star”  by  D.K.  Mok  (One  Small  Step,  an  anthology  of  discoveries,  FableCroft  Publishing)
“The  Year  of  Ancient  Ghosts”  by  Kim  Wilkins  (The  Year  of  Ancient  Ghosts,  Ticonderoga  Publications)
The  Big  Dry by  Tony  Davies  (Harper  Collins)
Huntingby  Andrea  Host  (self published)
These Broken  Stars by  Amie  Kaufman  and  Meagan  Spooner  (Allen  &  Unwin)
Fairytales  for  Wilde  Girls by  Allyse  Near  (Random  House  Australia)
The  Sky  So  Heavy by  Claire  Zorn  (University  of  Queensland  Press)
“Fencelines”  by  Joanne  Anderton  (The  Bone  Chime  Song  and  Other  Stories ,  FableCroft  Publishing)
“The  Sleepover”  by  Terry  Dowling  (Exotic  Gothic  5,  PS  Publishing)
“The  Home  for  Broken  Dolls”  by  Kirstyn  McDermott  (Caution:  Contains  Small  Parts,  Twelfth  Planet  Press)
“The  Human  Moth”  by  Kaaron  Warren  (The  Grimscribe’s  Puppets,  Miskatonic  Press)
“The  Year  of  Ancient  Ghosts”  by  Kim  Wilkins  (The  Year  of  Ancient  Ghosts,  Ticonderoga  Publications)
The  Marching  Dead by  Lee  Battersby  (Angry  Robot  Books)
The  First  Bird by  Greig  Beck  (Momentum)
Path  of  Night by  Dirk  Flinthart  (FableCroft  Publishing)
Fairytales  for  Wilde  Girls by  Allyse  Near  (Random  House  Australia)

“The  Last  Stormdancer”  by  Jay  Kristoff  (Thomas  Dunne  Books)
“The  Touch  of  the  Taniwha”  by  Tracie  McBride  (Fish,  Dagan  Books)
“Cold,  Cold  War”  by  Ian  McHugh  (Beneath  Ceaseless  Skies,  Scott  H  Andrews)
“Short  Circuit”  by  Kirstie  Olley  (Oomph:  a  little  super  goes  a  long  way,  Crossed  Genres)
“The  Year  of  Ancient  Ghosts”  by  Kim  Wilkins  (The  Year  of  Ancient  Ghosts,  Ticonderoga  Publications)
Lexicon by  Max  Barry  (Hachette  Australia)
A  Crucible  of  Souls by  Mitchell  Hogan  (self published)
These  Broken  Stars by  Amie  Kaufman  and  Meagan  Spooner  (Allen  &  Unwin)
Newt’s  Emerald by  Garth  Nix  (Jill  Grinberg  Literary  Management)
Ink  Black  Magic by  Tansy  Rayner  Roberts  (FableCroft  Publishing)
“The  Last  Tiger”  by  Joanne  Anderton  (Daily  Science  Fiction)
“Mah  Song”  by  Joanne  Anderton  (The  Bone  Chime  Song  and  Other  Stories,  FableCroft  Publishing)
“Seven  Days  in  Paris”  by  Thoraiya  Dyer  (Asymmetry,  Twelfth  Planet  Press)
“Version”  by  Lucy  Stone  (Andromeda  Spaceways  Inflight  Magazine  #57)
“Air,  Water  and  the  Grove”  by  Kaaron  Warren  (The  Lowest  Heaven,  Pandemonium  Press)
Lexicon by  Max  Barry  (Hachette)
Trucksong by  Andrew  Macrae  (Twelfth  Planet  Press)
A  Wrong  Turn  At  The  Office  Of  Unmade  Lists by  Jane  Rawson  (Transit  Lounge)
True  Path by  Graham  Storrs  (Momentum)
Rupetta by  Nike  Sulway  (Tartarus  Press)
The  Year’s  Best  Australian  Fantasy  and  Horror  2012 by  Liz  Grzyb  and  Talie  Helene  (Eds),   (Ticonderoga  Publications)
One  Small  Step,  An  Anthology  Of  Discoveries by  Tehani  Wessely  (Ed)  (FableCroft  Publishing)
Dreaming  Of  Djinn by  Liz  Grzyb  (Ed)  (Ticonderoga  Publications)
The  Best  Science  Fiction  And  Fantasy  Of  The  Year:  Volume  Seven by  Jonathan  Strahan  (Ed)   (Night  Shade  Books)
Focus  2012:  Highlights  Of  Australian  Short  Fiction by  Tehani  Wessely  (Ed)  (FableCroft  Publishing)
The  Bone  Chime  Song  and  Other  Stories by  Joanne  Anderton  (FableCroft  Publishing)
Asymmetry by  Thoraiya  Dyer  (Twelfth  Planet  Press)
Caution:  Contains  Small  Parts by  Kirstyn  McDermott  (Twelfth  Planet  Press)
The  Bride  Price by  Cat  Sparks  (Ticonderoga  Publications)
The  Year  of  Ancient  Ghosts by  Kim  Wilkins  (Ticonderoga Publications)


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