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New Books

Three new books in the mail yesterday, all with my stories in them. Love days like that!

The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2012, edited by Paula Guran from Prime Books, has my story “All You Can Do is Breathe“. Other Aussies in the book include Margo Lanagan, with “Catastrophic Disruption of the Head” and Angela Slatter with “Sun Falls“.



I also received Exotic Gothic 4, edited by Danel Olson, from PS Publishing. My story here is “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Club”, and was inspired by the helplessness I felt when my delightfully eccentric elderly neighbour was institutionalised. This is a gorgeous series, full of fascinating stories.


Visions Fading Fast is an anthology of five novellas from some of my favourite writers working today. Nathan Ballingrud, Joel Lane, Reggie Oliver and Paul Meloy join me in the table of contents. My story, “The History Thief” started with the title and the image of a man watching his own body rot. And went from there.

The book is edited by Gary McMahon, another of my favourite writers. His Concrete Grove series of novels show human nature, and the natural world, in a cold, harsh light.

The Publisher is Pendragon Press. Christopher Teague published my first international sale: a short piece called “My Smile”, which appeared in the excellent anthology Nasty Snips.




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