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Eating the Alice Cake

A while ago, I picked up a pile of books for free from a second-hand book stall. They were on the ‘recycle’ pile, headed for pulp. I loved the covers, so brought them home.

One was Muriel Spark’s Robinson.

What a bizarre, fascinating, creepy novel this was. It’s about a woman who is shipwrecked on an island called Robinson, after the sole inhabitant. He’s a manipulative, brilliant, obsessive man who lives, in part, from the salvage of wrecked ships.

One moment stood out for me, and sat in my backbrain waiting for the right story to come along. The main character refuses to wear the clothes of the dead, or to touch any of the other salvage. Robinson, meanwhile, has no problems with either.

I wondered; what sort of person would live only on the food left over in dead people’s houses?

I know. It’s a very odd place, my backbrain

This inspiration came to roost in my story “Eating the Alice Cake”, which I’ve sold to Ellen Datlow for her Mad Hatters and March Hares anthology for Tor. All stories inspired by Alice in Wonderland! Cannot wait for this one. Look at the amazing writers I’m sharing space with!

Gentle Alice                                        Kris Dikeman  (poem)

My Own Invention                            Delia Sherman

Lily-White & The Thief of Lesser Night C.S.E. Cooney

Conjoined                                            Jane Yolen

Mercury                                              Priya Sharma

Some Kind of Wonderland                  Richard Bowes

Alis                                                     Stephen Graham Jones

All the King’s Men                             Jeffrey Ford

Run, Rabbit                                         Angela Slatter

In Memory of a Summer’s Day         Matthew Kressel

Sentence Like a Saturday                    Seanan McGuire

Worrity, Worrity                                Andy Duncan

Eating the Alice Cake                          Kaaron Warren

The Queen of Hats                             Ysabeau Wilce

A Comfort, One Way                                     Genevieve Valentine

The Flame After the Candle               Catherynne M. Valente

Moon, Memory, Muchness               Katherine Vaz

Run, Rabbit, Run                                Jane Yolen (poem)


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